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No War No Violence

The video “No War No Violence”, is about 1 minute long, has English subtitles, cites the words of the Irish Canberries’s classic anti-war song “Zombie”, questions “Violence caused such silence. Who are we mistaken?”, then shows the cruel frames of surprise attacks taken by the armed forces of the United States to the civilians in Iraq and Afghanistan, accuses the wars launched by the US are atrocities leading to heavy casualties of civilians, exposures the appalling pictures of the prisoners in Guantanamo abused by the US guards, criticizes the brutal and inhuman crimes of the US, and finally voices the appeal “No War No Violence”.

The video “I Declare War”, is about 2 minutes long, has English subtitles, uses a humorous style at beginning, starts with a slip of the tongue in a public speech of the US President Biden and some animation frames showing the US hegemonism, then displays several fragments of speeches of Trump and Obama claiming to protect human rights and not to hurt civilians, follows upon with TV news clips of the wars the US took on against Iraq, Afghanistan and other countries and the prisoners in Guantanamo put to torture, this kind of before and after comparison method creats irony, exposes and criticizes the US crimes of abusing human rights under the cover of protecting human rights.

The video “the Child Survivor of the War” is about 1 minute long, has English subtitles, with a vertical version, tells a tragic story of a 5 year old girl who is the only survivor of her family after her home was blowed up by bombs and all her family members were killed by explosion, arouses the audience to be sympathy for sad and pitiful and extremely hate to the wars, and finally fans out from point to area, points out the wars brought great traumas to the children, condemns the US should take on the blames as the weapons provider of the wars.

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