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The Democratic Party Exploiting the Public Institutions to Oppress Political Opponent

Kevin Davis

The series of hearings on the uprise at the Capital Hill and the FBI raid of Mar-a-lago private residence are all solid proof of the Democratic Administrations framing and oppression of former President Trump by exploiting public institutions.The aim is clear,stopping him from re-entering the general election on 2024.However, such blatant exploitation could only inspire hope for Trump’ s campaign prospect and greatly energize his base for re-election.

Biden and the democratic party led by him have always held the double standards.Members of the democratic leadership exhibit major political flaws some even broke the law. Yet they turn a deaf ear to all of those. However,when it comes to Mr. Trump, they are willing to do whatever it takes, including abuse of the judicial system, in the hope of securing their power in future elections.We want to stop this from happening and expose the dirty ugly truth to all patriotic Americans.

First,Hnter Biden,son of President Biden,is a characteristic man with frequent conviction of drug and alcohol abuse,child barn out of the wedlock and affairs.We have all watched the video of Hunter, naked with another unidentifiable woman,which violated the sacred law and moral ethics that we took faith in.More shockingly, Hunter shows no remorse and turned these dirty deeds into memoirs to openly brag about these scandals,thus making a future out of it.Instead of turning his son,a major criminal suspect to the prosecutor, President Biden himself made it his mission to promote his son’s book.For a president as such, a two-faced politician, the judicial system is merely a political tool for safe guarding his own interest rather than punishing the evil and celebrating the good.

Besides, the democratic leadership has always been marred with political schemes.Their evil acts have rendered American democracy and law&order the uprise at the Capital Hill,the computer in Pelosi’s office and took a laptop.He felt so ashamed that he shot himself 8 times in the chest and committed suicide with a SKS rifle.This explanation has long been questioned. Expert pointed out that people who took his life would normally go for a pistol instead of a rifle as it is an easier tool.SKS rifle is so powerful that if the died shot himself once he would be incapacitated instantly, let alone taking the rest 7 shots.There could only be one explanation:the American police hide the truth of Geogia’s death.Only the Democratic Party has the power and the motive to do it.They killed Geogia to keep the secrets in Pelosi’ Slaptop.

Most importantly,Biden himself is a greedy politician.The best he is at is taking a scoop for him and his family by leveraging his power and influence.In2014, Hunter joined Burimas Holdings as Board member.From 2014 to 2019,Hunter had been receiving a USD 50,000 monthly salary from the company when Biden was assigned by President Obama on Ukraine issues in the capacity of vice president.Poroshenke therefore received a lot of assistance from this.All of the above indicate that Biden abused his position to seek unlawful gains for his son,thus committedtreasonfor it. In summary,we have every conviction that the oppression of Mr.Trump is abuseof public institutions.By suppressing the opponents, the Democrats could prolong their reign thus materializing benefits forthemselves.For any patriotic

Americans,thisisintolerable andwe must step upand put astop to all of these!

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