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Valeant Voice

September 22 edition

U.S. Ophthalmic Surgical business demonstrates growth, development

The U.S. Ophthalmic Surgical business is providing further proof of Valeant’s ongoing eye care success story. The business provides surgeons with the tools and technology to perform the latest techniques for the treatment of cataracts, retina disorders and refractive procedures.

U.S. Ophthalmic Surgical business is currently on a pace to show approximately 15% growth from the third quarter of 2013 to the upcoming third quarter of 2014. This includes:


    Greater than 70% growth for the cataract refractive business


    Greater than 50% growth for Stellaris and Stellaris PC


    Data showing that the U.S. surgical business is the fastest growing IOL (intraocular lens) company when comparing first-quarter 2014 results versus first-quarter 2013 (Data from Market Scope, an ophthalmic market research firm)


    In the second quarter, our growth has more than doubled that of the market in procedures

“We have just started our new growth and development phase,” said Andrew Chang, general manager and vice president, U.S. Ophthalmic Surgical. “A year ago, we committed to a growth strategy and to helping our surgeons grow with us. Increasing ownership of what we do each and every day has been a big part of the team’s success in sales, marketing, service and clinical support.”

Surgical is a segment that requires constant innovation and alternate methods of entering into a new market. “Senior leadership has been fully supportive,” said Chang. “At a very critical time of the Bausch + Lomb integration, there were a number of FDA registrations and projects that could have ceased or been slowed down; instead, support was increased to provide a number of new projects, enhancements and launches this year.” These include:


    VICTUS Corneal Incisions


    VICTUS Fragmentation


    VICTUS hardware and software launches


    Stellaris PC with Integrated Laser


    Stellaris and Stellaris PC ACTIVATE Software


    Trulign Toric Expanded Range


    enVista Injector and Enhancements

    enVista Packaging


    VIS100 Injector

“The team has done a fantastic job in launching new initiatives, projects and products. We are not done yet. The acquisition of CROMA and the continued development with Cirle have provided access to a broad portfolio of developing products (lenses, viscoelastic and devices) for us to bring to the U.S.

“We have programs in place to deliver innovation over the next decade across the entire surgical business. All of the developments and launches represent Bausch + Lomb’s and Valeant’s passion and commitment to offering our customers the best possible outcomes with our advanced and premium procedures for their patients.”

Valeant gains a presence in Indonesia

Healthcare can truly be considered a local business. In Indonesia, local companies make up 75% of the pharmaceutical market, including seven of the top ten companies. Additionally, Indonesian laws require registered pharmaceutical companies to have a manufacturing facility in the country.

Given its size and projected growth, however, Indonesia is a strategically important market for Valeant. With a market of more than 240 million people, Indonesia is forecasted to be the sixth largest pharmaceutical market in Asia Pacific by 2016. The prescription market is expected to grow greater than 10% during that time.

Last month, Valeant gained a valuable foothold in the country with its acquisition of Armoxindo, a privately held Indonesian company. Armoxindo manufactures, markets and sells more than 100 different prescription and OTC products, primarily focusing on cough and cold remedies, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, anti-asthmatics, vitamin and mineral supplements and antacids.

“In general, we are focusing on the branded generics segment in Southeast Asia,” said Andrew Howden, regional president, South Asia Pacific and Africa. “Acquiring Armoxindo gives us a presence in Indonesia and will enable us to promote Valeant products alongside Armoxindo’s product portfolio, with its wide range of well-recognized brands. We are excited about the opportunity to have operations in a fast growing market with a large population.”

Armoxindo’s products are sold through a variety of channels including pharmacies, institutional clinics and hospitals. All the products are sold in Indonesia and manufactured in the company’s plant.

The future of ophthalmic innovation

The following article, authored by Calvin Roberts, chief medical officer for Bausch + Lomb, discusses the changing role of pharmaceutical companies in ophthalmic R&D and clinical development. The article appeared in a recent edition of Ophthalmology Times.

The Future of Ophthalmic Innovation

by Calvin Roberts, MD

Ophthalmology has benefitted from many innovative new therapies in recent years. How do we continue to drive innovation and how can we, as an industry, accelerate bringing new therapies to the marketplace?

At Bausch + Lomb and Valeant, we believe that the greatest innovation occurs in the research laboratories at universities and at startup companies, where brilliant scientists can follow their passion. It is then the role of industry to develop these ideas into commercial products, take them through the regulatory process and bring them to clinicians for the benefit of patients.

Great innovations are occurring today in ophthalmology in retina, glaucoma, cataract, uveitis and myopia, among others, and no big pharma company could have fully capable research facilities and capabilities in every area. Rather, the future of ophthalmic clinical development is to take a newer, more nimble approach to R&D, where the big industry companies create partnership with universities and startups. The innovation cycle requires that there be readily accessible avenues for great new ideas to mature into treatments accessible to patients, and in the future, it will be industry’s role to expedite the passage from laboratory to clinic.

The future can be seen by just looking at the pharmaceutical market today. Of the 50 top drugs in medicine, only four originated in- house by “Big Pharma.” All the others were developed through licensing and acquisition. The same is true at Bausch + Lomb. Recently, we launched Prolensa®, Lotemax Gel®, enVista® IOL, Trulign™ Toric IOL, PreserVision AREDS2® supplements, and the Victus® Femtosecond Laser, all of which are products originally licensed or acquired, and which Bausch + Lomb added development and regulatory expertise before commercializing.

Universities and small companies rely on external funding from grants and venture capital to provide the money to germinate their ideas. When venture capitalists consider making an investment in a new technology, a primary determinant is often whether there will eventually be commercial partners to take the idea to fruition. The more that these early sources of funding know that big companies are eager to be commercial partners, the more willing they will be to invest. The greater the investment in early research by venture capitalists, the more ideas will be developed.

Thus, to accelerate the cycle of innovation, it is more desirable for large pharmaceutical and device companies such as Bausch + Lomb and Valeant to be receivers of university and startup ideas than to originate them ourselves. It is not what a company spends on research that matters to doctors and patients. Rather, it is only the output of that company’s R&D efforts that matter. We, at Bausch + Lomb and Valeant are dedicated to being the leader in bringing new innovative products to the market, and our track record of new products for ophthalmology confirms the success of our strategy and R&D philosophy.

Croma agreement to expand Valeant’s eye care portfolio

A recent agreement between Valeant Europe and Croma, a specialty pharmaceutical company headquartered in Austria, will have a significant affect in the U.S. as well.

Last year, Valeant agreed to distribute Croma’s eye care products in Central and Eastern Europe. We have now struck a new agreement with Croma to acquire worldwide rights to their ophthalmic and orthopedic portfolio globally, including products they are selling in Western Europe, products that are being distributed around the world, including South East Asia, Latin America, and Canada, and an opportunity to introduce a range of products into the U.S. market that expand Bausch + Lomb’s ophthalmic portfolio.

Through the agreement, Bausch + Lomb will have access to hundreds of distinct medical devices including viscoelastics, intraocular lenses (IOLs), surgical instruments, dry eye and anti-inflammatory pharmaceuticals. Since Croma’s products are not yet currently available in the U.S., regulatory approval will be sought.

“We are committed to providing U.S. ophthalmic surgeons with the broadest product line in the industry, allowing them to make the right choices for their patients from an array of cataract, refractive, and retinal devices,” said Dr. Ari Kellen, executive vice president and company group chairman. “Our agreement with Croma gives us access to an impressive range of products on the European market today as well as others currently in development. This access is part of our ongoing strategy to grow our ophthalmic business and meet the needs of our U.S. customers.”

“Our agreement with Croma creates a new growth platform for Valeant and Bausch + Lomb,” added Pavel Mirovsky, president and general manager, Europe. “We are strongly committed to building a sustainable eye health business.”

A number of eye care physicians are looking forward to the introduction of Croma’s products in the U.S. “I’ve been involved in some of the clinical work currently underway with several Croma products and am pleased to know we’ll have several additional options in the future for our cataract patients,” said Toby Tyson, M.D. of Fort Myers, FL.

“The access to quality surgical implants and devices is essential to the effective management of our patient’s quality of vision,” said Steven Silverstein, M.D. of Kansas City. “Through this agreement and Valeant’s commitment to gain approvals for products in the U.S., I’m looking forward to having new product offerings to help enhance the care for my patients.”

Allergan agrees to hold December shareholder meeting

Last week, Valeant and Pershing Square reached an agreement with Allergan to settle litigation pending in Delaware. As part of the settlement, Allergan has announced that it will hold a special meeting of shareholders on December 18, 2014. At the special meeting, Allergan shareholders will have the opportunity to voice their support for a number of critical matters including the removal of a majority of Allergan’s directors.

Commenting on the announcement, Mike Pearson said, “This development brings us one step closer to combining with Allergan, which would create an unrivaled platform for growth and value creation in healthcare.”

Additional details can be found here and at www.advancingallergan.com.

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