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Amanda Drury, Street Signs, Host:

Bullish signals for housing today, existing home sales rising 2.4% In September reaching the highest level of the year and the FDIC easing mortgage bond rules for banks to boost home lending. Well Zillow Spencer Rascoff joins us now, first on CNBC to breakdown these headlines. Spencer great of you to join us today. You know real estate people tend to be extremely bullish and say everything is wonderful even when things aren’t necessarily. So to go against your DNA here, we’ve just given a couple bullish headlines. What are the problems? Is the market cooling down?

Spencer Rascoff, Zillow, CEO:

Well, those are bullish headlines and I agree with what they say about the market, but the housing market is cooling. So to give you more data, earlier in the year home values were increasing about 8% year over year and now they’re increasing 6.5% year over year and we think over the next 12 months they increase about 3% year over year. So the rate of appreciation is undoubtedly slowing. What’s driving this is very counter intuitive.

As home values have increased, homeowners in negative equity have decreased.

Now around 17% of all homeowners with a mortgage have no equity in their home, are upside down on their home, which is terrible but it’s actually much better than it used to be. So it’s all about inventory levels at this point. If you are upside down on your loan you basically can’t sell your home and that leaves to constrained inventory. So parts of the country like Las Vegas or Florida which had huge declines during the housing bust. They have high rates of negative equity, so very limited inventory, and the home values are appreciating very quickly. A lot of the rest of the country where there is more inventory coming online as negative equity lessened, home values are appreciating more slowly.

Brian Sullivan, Street Signs, Host:

And there Spencer is the paradox. Right? As home prices go up people who have not been able to sell their homes or have been unwilling to sell their homes for years suddenly say ah ha maybe we can make money now. Everybody dumps their home on the market at the same time and prices fall. Are we smarter than that?

Spencer Rascoff:

No. We’re not. Housing is a cyclical market. The good news is everyone has much more information during this part of the cycle than we did five years ago because the internet has allowed us to have access to this great data. The bad news is there is a lot of psychology and homeowners are prone, like in so many parts of the economy it sort of swings good and bad based on overall economic sentiment. But what’s happening now depends on what part of the country that you’re in, so if you are lucky enough to live in Manhattan, for example, home values are increasing 17% year over year. If you’re lucky enough to live in the bay area, well I should say if you’re lucky enough to be a home owner in Manhattan or a home owner in the bay area. If you live there and you don’t own a home it is hard to afford to buy in. The bay area is seemingly impervious to any housing downturn because of the strength of the technology climate in the bay area. And as a result home values just keep up, up, up.

Amanda Drury:

Since we don’t have a whole pile of time here, Spencer, I’m just going to move off the topic of housing and move to what you specifically are doing. You bought Trulia earlier on this year and I think it’s closing next year, any other acquisitions on the horizon? Are you interested in still acquiring?

Spencer Rascoff:

We’re always interested; Trulia will make our ninth acquisition. Nothing further to announce today. We hope to close Trulia in the first quarter, and I am excited about that next stage of the company. We think operating multiple brands; Street Easy in New York, Hot Pads is our rental brand, Zillow and Trulia as the core real estate brands. We think as a real estate media company much like NBC Universal operates multiple brands, MSNBC, NBC, CNBC, Bravo, E, etcetera, we think operating multiple real estate media brands makes a lot of sense and it allows advertisers to reach a much larger audience across multiple brands.

Amanda Drury:

Spencer Rascoff great to have you on the show. First on CNBC, Thank you.

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