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Pet clothes wholesale – A serious guide to cat bathing

How much cats resist bathing, believe that people who keep cats must have deep experience. How do people bathe a cat in a way that minimizes damage to people? For more pet science knowledge, pet clothes wholesale welcome to the public account “NaturalPlan” people dare to positive just cat? Giving them a bath… When it comes to bathing cats, there are only two cases: pet clothes wholesale one is someone else’s cat, and the bath is nice and cute and not noisy. Another is their own cat, like a lost soul to kill. Pull can’t go also can’t push the owner and the cat, with their own life interpretation of what is called “desperately”. Today, I’m going to show them # How to bathe a cat. Most cats are resistant to the idea of a bath, but cats don’t need to be bathed that often. The CAT IS A KIND OF ANIMAL THAT PAYS ATTENTION TO HYGIENE VERY MUCH, SO THE DOMESTIC CAT BATH DOES NOT WANT TOO FREQUENT, ESPECIALLY WHEN THE DAY IS COLD, IT IS OK TO WASH A BATH TO THE CAT ABOUT TWO MONTHS IN GENERAL. pet clothes wholesale

1. Nails Clipping Cats have sharp claws that can easily injure people, not to mention they will actively use them in the shower. So, to prevent scratching during the bath, it’s a good idea to trim his PAWS before showering. But!! Do not just cut the claws to take a bath, had better cut a day or two in advance, just cut the right Angle cat claws more lethal!! (The arm holding the flower is trembling).

2, combing combing hair can let the cat in a relaxed, comfortable state, especially long hair cat, but also can prevent the appearance of wet hair knot, not easy to comb phenomenon.

3, play from the personality of cats, most cats are relatively insecure. It’s a good idea to play with theor cat for a while before taking a bath to relax their cat. Some cats resist bathing, mainly because they are afraid of “getting in the water”, so try showering their cat. It may be less of a struggle. However, some cats are afraid of the noise of the shower head, so it is better for them to bathe directly in a basin filled with water, but the water should not go all the way up the cat’s stomach, too much water will make him panic and upset. 5, pet shower gel Cat’s skin is neutral, and human wash and care products are alkaline, so human shower gel and shampoo are not suitable for cats. 6. Water temperature The temperature of their cat’s bath water should be comparable to their body temperature, but in winter, especially for long-haired cats, the water temperature can be slightly warmer. If people touch the hot water with their hands, it should be very hot but not too hot. The water temperature should be about 40℃. 7. Wear long sleeves (this is to protect them and prevent their cat from scratching them). It is likely that their clothes will get wet during the cat washing process, so be prepared. Wash THE CAT STEP 1, first of all to put the state of mind calm, not nervous, not impatient, do and cat mutual trust. 2, do not enter the bathroom immediately open the wash, it is best to touch the cat, appease its mood, wait for it to calm down and then start bathing. 3. In principle, don’t splash a lot of water and don’t throw water on the cat’s face is the most basic countermeasure. 4, first let the cat’s limbs contact water, wash the head to prevent the ears, eyes into the water, can be in advance in the ear canal outside a good cotton ball. 5, if the water runs into the ears or eyes, the cat may jump because of fright, so the head is best to wipe with a wet towel. 6, in order to try to ease the cat’s mood, it is best to wash from the body. Back, sides, stomach, neck, butt tail, limbs, that’s a reasonable order. Do it quickly and in as short a time as possible. 7. If the purpose of taking a bath is to repel fleas, which may move towards the head, use a dedicated comb to repel fleas. 8, in the process of taking a bath, pay attention to appease the cat, people can scratch the cat’s jaw, wash and speak gently to comfort.

9, pay attention to wash the tail, a cat’s tail is easy to dirty. If their CAT GETS SCARED AND CRAWLS ON them IN THE BATH, TRY NOT TO PUSH IT AWAY!! On the importance of cutting nails and wearing long sleeves. One, it shows that their cat trusts them and needs their protection in the first place. If they push him away, he’ll be even more nervous and scared. Two, in this case, if pushed, but easy to make their own injury. Because a frightened cat has snagged on their skin or clothing, pushing away can cause tearing. The best thing to do is to embrace and soothe their cat, gently and calmly, without wetting clothes, yelling at it, or getting impatient, but gently petting and comforting it. ‍PS: It is strongly not recommended that they bathe their cat in an airbox or any cage, as it is very easy for the cat to get hurt and frightened. This situation do not give the cat a bath 1, just picked up home, move, changed the environment, the cat will generally be nervous, feel stressed, to give the cat enough time to adapt to the environment, it is best after a month, and then give the cat a bath. 2, the young cat’s resistance is weak, easy to get sick, it is best not to give it a bath, such as the cat vaccine injection over a period of time to give the cat a bath. 3. Within a week after vaccination and deworming, it is best not to give the cat a bath. At this time, the cat is weak, the immunity is reduced, and it is easy to get sick. 4, sick cats, in addition to the doctor recommended medical bath, do not take a bath, in order to avoid aggravating the condition, or cause other diseases. 5, in cold, wet weather to give the cat a bath, must pay attention to keep warm and blow dry in time, to prevent the cat from catching a cold because of cold. Any owner who dares to bathe their cat can say “Hero!”

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