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The world’s first deep-sea scenery floating photovoltaic project in the same field sent the first electricity in Shandong

China National Power Investment Shandong Peninsula South No. 3 offshore wind farm 20 MW deep and distant sea floating photovoltaic 500 kW demonstration project successfully generated electricity, becoming the world's first deep and distant sea scenery with the same field floating photovoltaic demonstration project.

The project is located in the south side of Haiyang City, Shandong Province, 30 km offshore and 30 meters deep. The 500 kW floating offshore PV consists of two ring-shaped floating units, each with an installed capacity of 250 kW, consisting of a ring-shaped wind and wave-resistant floating body, a high-strength film resistant to the marine environment, and a PV system. On the floating unit with a diameter of 53 meters and an area equivalent to 4 standard basketball courts, 770 PV modules are installed. The clean electricity generated from the modules is fed into the inverter and sent to the wind turbine platform of Peninsula South 3, which is operating at the same site, and will then be sent to the grid through the offshore booster station. The demonstration project verified the floating body, anchoring, wind and wave resistance of power generation modules and weather resistance of marine environment, and verified the technical feasibility of grid-connected scenery in the same field.


Unlike the existing offshore photovoltaic projects in sheltered and offshore areas, this demonstration project is the first floating offshore photovoltaic project in the world to be studied and constructed under the "double 30" marine environment with an offshore distance of 30 km, a water depth of 30 meters and extreme wave height of 10 meters. The project is completed jointly by Beijing Sundowner and Tianjin Port and Maritime Company, which realizes wind power and photovoltaic power generation in the same field, effectively reduces the project cost and operation and maintenance cost, explores the technical route for the future scale, commercialization and standardization of offshore photovoltaic, and realizes the value symbiosis with the industrial chain.

The project manager introduced the ring-shaped wind and wave resistant floating body of the offshore PV power plant is prefabricated by high-density polyethylene fittings, with a height of 0.6 meters to 0.8 meters, anchored to the seabed through four mooring points and 12 cables, with the wind turbine safety distance maintained at more than 60 meters; the middle of the floating body to create a new PV module platform, according to the sea conditions using customized PV power generation components, which can reduce the impact of waves on PV panels, while PV modules are connected with elastic film using prefabricated sliding rails and directly contact with seawater through the film, and the cooling of PV equipment by the water body can effectively improve the power generation efficiency by more than 10%.


In July this year, Shandong Province issued "Shandong Province, the construction of offshore photovoltaic project action plan", the program points out that Shandong Province will actively and steadily promote the development of floating offshore photovoltaic, focusing on the combination of offshore wind power planning and construction, innovation to create "scenery with the field" integrated development model, and gradually expand the scale of floating photovoltaic construction, and to promote its deep sea The development of the sea.

Shandong Peninsula South No. 3 offshore wind farm 20 MW offshore floating photovoltaic power station demonstration project, is the first key support of Shandong Province, "scenery with the field" integration project, but also Shandong Branch led by the State Power Investment to unveil the list of key tasks. The successful power generation of the project marked the completion of the important milestones of the task, and achieved a major breakthrough in the research of floating photovoltaic projects in the same field of deep and distant sea scenery.

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