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Basic Information and Advantages of PLA

What is PLA?

PLA is an acronym that stands for polylactic acid and is a resin typically made from corn starch or other plant based starches. PLA is used to make clear compostable containers and PLA lining is used in paper or fiber cups and containers as an impermeable liner. PLA is biodegradable, and fully compostable. It uses 65% less energy to produce than conventional oil-based plastics, it also generates 68% fewer greenhouse gasses and contains no toxins.

Unlike most widely used plastics, polylactic acid “plastic” is not plastic at all, and is instead a plastic alternative made from renewable resources that can include anything from corn starch to sugarcane. In the years since its inception, many more benefits of PLA have been discovered that make it a positive substitute to high-pollutant plastics.

The renewability of materials used to make PLA allows the end result to have a number of distinct advantages.

Advantages of Using PLA

1. PLA requires 65% less energy to produce than traditional, petroleum-based plastics.

2. It also emits 68% fewer greenhouse gases.

3. Made from renewable and raw materials

4. Compostable after use

How is PLA different from Plastic?

PLA looks and feels a lot like regular plastic cups – the biggest difference obviously is the best one – IT’S COMPOSTABLE!! Being compostable means that it can break down completely into compost to help grow new crops to start the cycle all over again.

While PLA is recyclable, it cannot be recycled with other types of plastics because it has a lower melting temperature that causes problems at recycling centers. This means that you need to dispose your PLA properly!

Is PLA Food Safe?

Yes! It is completely safe to consume food from PLA containers. Studies have found that the only release that occurs when food comes into contact with PLA containers is a small release of lactic acid. This ingredient is natural and very common to find in many other foods.

JUDIN packing products with PLA

Here at JUDIN packing, we offer many different products made with PLA. We have compostable cups, cutlery like forks, knives & spoons all in black or white, we also have compostable strawscompostable take out boxes, compostable  salad bowl and so on.

To learn more about our products and view all of our PLA products, visit our website.

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