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Providing Care for Those Touched by Near-Death and Related Experiences: Ethical Best Practices Symposium

The International Association for Near-Death Studies (IANDS) in affiliation with the Association for Spiritual, Ethical, and Religious Values in Counseling, and the Institute for Complementary & Alternative Medicine Studies at Akamai University have unified to feature the important topic  Providing Care for Those Touched by Near-Death and Related Experiences: Ethical Best Practices on April 30, 2021 from 11:00 am- 8:45 pm EDT.

Why are these groups offering this event?

Because research shows that in at least one-fifth of near-death experiencers’ most memorable episodes of disclosing their NDE to a healthcare provider, family member, or friend, the experiencer came away feeling harmed. This finding was consistent across all categories of healthcare providers and was as applicable for NDEs that occurred in the 1940s as the 2010s. A question for anyone is: Might you unknowingly be doing harm in the way you respond to people who have had near-death or related experiences—such as after-death communication or past-life memories? 

It is the intention of this program to reduce those numbers through proper education.

Caretakers, healthcare provider, and family members have a unique opportunity to learn the best practices of NDE Experiencer Care from NDE researchers, experts,  and Healthcare professionals. The research in this field is not new (IANDS has hundreds of published papers) but the opportunity to share expert advice on NDE Experiencer care is not generally available in one event. In many cases, NDE experiencers are misdiagnosed and given unnecessary drugs or unneeded therapy because this education is not well known.

This IANDS Spring Symposium offers course and continuing education (CE) credit for those professionals included with registration. The professions that can benefit are CAM Practitioners, Educators, and Researchers in Energy Medicine or Comprehensive Energy Psychology; Massage and Bodywork Therapists; and Canadian Natural Health Practitioners, Counselors, Nurses, Social Workers and more.

Dr. Diane Corcoran, a Veteran Military NDE expert and Past President of IANDS states, “I came to believe that many soldiers were having near-death experiences as bombs exploded and gunfire nearly took their lives. But many were uncomfortable sharing what happened, and felt they had no one to talk to. I knew they needed an outlet – someone to share their life-transforming experience with – who wouldn’t be dismissive or think they were crazy.”  Plus, many Military NDE experiencers have a kind of disorienting personality change afterward but don’t speak up fearing judgment and retribution.

This Online Symposium will make valuable, lifesaving information available to professionals dealing with patients that need special care. NDE experiencers may have physical, psychological, emotional traumas and need to have a provider who knows the unique care differences to achieve the best healing outcomes.

The purpose of this one-day symposium is for anyone to complete the day feeling confident that they know how to fulfill their professional ethical and personal moral responsibility to do no harm to near-death and related experiencers. It is designed for participants to hear experiencers, healthcare providers, researchers, a bioethicist, and friends offer their most important advice about how others can avoid harm and increase help to those touched by near-death and related experiences. To find out more, please go to


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