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NFT QUEEN Disrupting NFT Ecosystem by Leveraging the Power of Personal Branding

NFT QUEEN Portrait


In a world where anonymity is the norm, NFT artist Malin Eklund is bucking trends and creating a compelling presence for herself

I like to say that I'm the Kylie Jenner of NFTs thanks to my marketing IQ and vision for personal success.”
STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN, SWEDEN, December 20, 2021 / -- Anyone familiar with the world of NFTs knows the market is a space that prizes anonymity. Artists often fly under the radar, and projects are typically known more by their project names—think CryptoPunks and Bored Ape Yacht Club—than for the artists behind their creation. But one young Swedish artist is challenging those norms by making a name for herself and transforming the world of NFTs along the way.

Malin Eklund is a promising young Swedish artist who recently recognized the power of NFTs to change the face of art forever. As NFTs caught fire in September 2021 and started their explosive upward trajectory, Eklund wanted to get in on the action. Though her background is in oil painting and traditional drawing, she sought out digital art as a new form of artistic expression and a way to share her passion with the world.

But unlike other artists who anonymously enter the NFT scene, Eklund wanted to make a name for herself and leverage the power of personal branding to scale her influence and profits while transforming the NFT ecosystem. She dubbed herself NFT QUEEN and got to work building her brand as a young, exciting female NFT artist with a rockstar flair. She has paired this persona with a body of art that focuses on positive empowerment, which has led to her becoming one of the fastest-growing and most endeared artists in the NFT space.

Through strong personal branding, NFT QUEEN also believes she can help make NFTs and blockchain technology more mainstream. She is a strong advocate for both, believing they are the future of business, culture, and society. If more people knew about their incredible potential to build personal wealth and income, she thinks they would be more mainstream. With this goal in mind, she leverages her social media accounts to share her insights into NFTs and blockchain to reach her massive audience. NFT QUEEN also hopes other artists will follow suit, driving a movement where there will soon be more people in the public space who are familiar with NFTs and blockchain and use them to build their wealth.

In releasing her first NFT collection on OpenSea, HOLLAWOOD, the NFT Queen is also breaking norms for new artists, and the way artists create their art. Typical NFT projects are voluminous, in upwards of 10,000 pieces per collection. On the low end, most NFT projects hover around 5,000 pieces. With HOLLAWOOD, however, NFT QUEEN has created only 100 unique pieces. She has also set her low-end price at 1.1 ETH, approximately 100 times greater than what emerging artists ask for their work.

In taking these approaches, NFT QUEEN wanted to blend form and function in her art. Her pieces depict Hollywood stars and pop culture celebrities and embrace the extravagance and luxury of Hollywood. Thus, it only made sense to create scarcity around her art with so few pieces and set a price reflective of Hollywood's competitive world.

Currently, NFT QUEEN is working on an upcoming collection using the Polygon network in response to concerns about gas fees associated with Ethereum. She hopes by making this move, her art will be more accessible to a broader audience.

“For today's artists, the world of NFTs provides an exciting new frontier to share our passion, broaden our exposure, and monetize our works," said NFT QUEEN. "I'm a strong advocate for personal branding and using my brand to help drive the growth of NFTs and blockchain technology. So far, the approach has been successful, and I've attracted legions of followers who enjoy my art and are interested in learning more about NFTs. I like to say that I'm the Kylie Jenner of NFTs thanks to my marketing IQ and vision for personal success.”

To learn more about NFT Queen and follow her work, visit her on Twitter and Instagram.

Malin Eklund
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