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NFT Vaffa Cosmo

NFT Vaffa Cosmo

NFT Vaffa Cosmo 2

NFT Vaffa Cosmo 2

The pre-sale of the new NFT Marketplace for the VAFFA COSMO Game was completed with absolute success.

ROME, ITALY, March 2, 2022 / -- The pre-sale of the new NFT Marketplace for the VAFFA COSMO Game was completed with absolute success: its 6100 NFTs exposed in only 10 days of pre-sale have been completely sold out. It is certainly a surprising result, given that the marketplace debuted only in the Italian area, as the VAFFA GAME is still in the testing phase in Italy only. Nevertheless, since the very beginning, purchases have literally sent the system into a tailspin, blocking the possibility of payment for several hours.

“The debut day was certainly unforgettable, says the project director, Nicholas Perpiglia, as the server was clogged with orders and our payment partners literally went haywire, a crazy thing!”

Of course, it was phenomenal to see so much enthusiasm in an area-chosen specifically as a test area-where NFTs have already reached many but are still in their infancy. “It's very true - says Nicholas, but it's equally true that ours are linked to a Game P2E (play to earn) and this is what we liked very much.”

The 6100 NFTs on offer on the VAF Marketplace are in fact rare and mystical categories of the VAFFA COSMO Game, a DAO project that sees all the first protagonists and beneficiaries of each proceeds according to the VAFFA Tokens owned. "This was certainly one of the motives for the mass participation: people understood that in this project - as in every DAO - everything returns to the community, and therefore there is no one who somehow profits or can profit from others. With VAFFA, we would like to create, over time, one of the strongest DAOs in the world. "

Surely, the start was in the best way. Now what are the next steps, Nicholas? "The very first is March 28th. On that day, there will be an automatic transformation of the "Embryos" purchased these days into real NFTs on the Polygon block chain. From that moment, the real market begins, in preparation for the big launch in May. "

The VAF Marketplace actually made its debut in Italy alone, and is awaiting the global launch in May around the world. A moment that is being prepared with great care and effort. "That day, we will try-if possible-to launch the first version of the Game out of the test, and it will be great: people will be able to play and, at the same time, find the existing NFTs in the VAF Marketplace. If someone puts them up for sale, how many new ones will be related to the Game in the most specific way? "

It will not be easy for someone to sell the existing ones for a simple reason: these 6100, being the starting NFTs, had a huge plus: a staking prize of unprecedented value in VAFFA Token, locked until the achievement of $0.01 "Yes, it is the objective level of the Business Plan developed with one of the most important strategic consulting companies in the business world. We are convinced of succeeding and we wanted to reward those who have decided to believe and realise with us what seemed like a utopia but instead is already a reality today. "

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