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The Secret to Comfortable Outdoor Living

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Living the outdoor life has gained itself a relatively poor reputation. The camping experience, for many, recalls discomfort, a lack of space, and tasteless convenience meals. As a result, many people avoid outdoor living altogether, opting instead for plush hotels and luxurious cabins that offer a far more convenient option.

What people may not be aware of is that outdoor living with the help of travel trailers has become a lot more comfortable in recent years, providing travelers with a unique experience that not even the best hotels can offer. Keep reading to find out how outdoor living has become more luxurious.

Outdoor Living – a Less Enjoyable Lifestyle, or Is It?

Camping is notorious for being uncomfortable. For starters, there is always a problem with space. There is often not much room to store anything, and if travelers want to head out into the wilderness, it becomes even more challenging. Backpacks offer very little room for anything, and over-packing them with water and food only makes them bulky and difficult to carry.

Meals also pose a problem. Cooking in nature often requires a lot of additional equipment, including portable freezers and gas cookers, which are cumbersome to carry and not very practical. For this reason, most travelers stick to compressed and pre-packaged convenience foods that neither taste great nor offer much nutrition. 

The thought of sleeping out in nature also comes with stereotypical concerns. A myriad of environmental issues prevents the happy camper from getting a good night’s rest. Sleeping on hard, rocky surfaces because a thick enough mattress was too heavy to carry, the constant buzzing of mosquitos and bugs, and the occasional downpour all make getting a good sleep near impossible.

And finally, there is the issue of showering and ablutions. Campsite amenities are often lacking and leave a lot to be desired. And, if people are out in the wilderness, taking a proper shower is usually not an option at all. While some campers are happy to rough it and whole-heartedly take on the Bear Grylls survival approach, not all travelers are quite as willing to take these measures, despite the admiration held for Bear’s impressive ability to survive in the wilderness no matter what comes his way.

So then, how does the avid camper go about getting close to nature without compromising on comfort? And, is it even possible? The answer here is a loud yes! So, let’s look a little closer at how this is even possible.

Bringing Comfort and Luxury to Outdoor Living

While camping in tents or a traditional camper trailer offers minimal comfort, there is a brand on the market that has turned this around. Black Series has taken great strides to transform the way travelers experience nature. Black Series makes it easy to enjoy a fully immersive nature experience through the unique design of its off-grid trailers. It also provides campers with luxurious living quarters, rivaled only by the suites of the world’s top hotels. While Black Series offers a wide selection of impressive camper trailers, there is one that takes comfort to the next level, the HQ19.

The Black Series HQ19 – Transforming How We Experience Nature

Black Series took the discomfort issues campers often experienced while living outdoors and found a unique way to alleviate them when designing the HQ19. So let’s take a closer look.

When it comes to space, the HQ19 has ample areas for living and storage. The interior is well-designed and provides more than enough space to move around without feeling restricted. In addition, storage is plentiful and features multiple cabinets and cupboards, an expansive pass-through storage hold, and front storage for tanks and jerry cans.

The HQ19 solves the problem of carrying everything in a backpack. This overland trailer enables travelers to head deep into the wilderness and set up camp, so all hikers need is a water bottle or two in their pack. 

Cooking sumptuous meals in the HQ19 is easy to do. The offroad trailer has a full kitchen that includes a fully functional sink that makes washing up a cinch. A full-size freezer fridge makes it simple to store sufficient food for authentic off-grid living. The propane stove and microwave enable campers to cook up a storm, whether heating a bowl of soup or preparing a five-star meal. Outdoor living no longer means heating tins of beans and hotdogs over a campfire.

Sleeping in the HQ19 is a dream. The luxurious queen-sized bed and lounge area that converts into additional sleeping space ensures that a good night’s rest is always achievable. The firm, top-quality mattress offers exceptional comfort, as does the luxurious linen. In addition, reading lamps on either side of the bed make it easy to catch up on a captivating novel before lights out.

Better still, the insulated body of the off road camper trailer allows campers to hear the rain as it falls without getting soaked by it. Gone are the days of sleeping on hard, rocky surfaces or waking up to the rain dripping on head.

By creating a genuinely off-grid trailer, Black Series enables travelers to head into nature and not rely on the amenities offered by campgrounds. This includes the ablutions. The HQ19 features a private bathroom fitted with a porcelain toilet separate from the shower. The full-size shower comes equipped with stainless steel fittings and is accompanied by a luxurious vanity and laundry. The shower experience itself is remarkable, as it always has hot water, not something people often find in a campsite. Such luxury is rivaled only by premium hotel suites.

Final Thoughts

The stereotypical idea of an outdoor living experience with its poor sleeping conditions, inedible food, and abysmal ablutions is a thing of the past, thanks to Black Series and the HQ19. Outdoor living can now be enjoyable too.

Today, campers can experience hotel-like comfort while still experiencing everything that nature has to offer. Gearing up with the HQ19 in tow provides a travel adventure that provides the best of both worlds. Go anywhere in comfort and style.

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