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Asian Bangladeshi freelancer Md Abdus Salam Polash has shown his capabilities in the IT and technology by competing with popular platform YouTube and at the same time launching his own MCN platform

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Asian Bangladeshi freelancer Md Abdus Salam Polash has shown his capabilities in the IT and technology by competing with popular platform YouTube and at the same time launching his own MCN platform

September 29, 2022 – Md Abdus Salam Polash, a Bangladeshi successful freelancer who started his career as a freelancer since 2009. Since starting his career in 2009, he has been working on digital marketing. In addition to working on digital marketing, he gained experience working as an online publicity management advisor for various multinational companies with his qualifications and skills outside Bangladesh and internationally.

Palash’s dream as an entrepreneur was to create the world’s most modern social video platform and also to enable content creators around the world to make careers through content creation, founded the world’s most modern video platform – Bakbakum and his own MCN company. Inaugurated together in the world – Bakbakum MCN.

He gained a wide reputation and was able to present himself all over the world as a successful digital marketer. His reputation spread as one of the world’s best experts in digital marketing, he first got a call from Microsoft. He started his career at Microsoft as a digital marketing expert. After completing his contractual work with Microsoft, he started working as a digital marketing expert and affiliate marketing advisor for various international companies. In the continuation of this, he gradually gained the skills and experience of working as an Online Publicity Management Advisor at Google, Amazon, Alibaba, Malaysia’s ride sharing apps Grab and his last workplace at the then Nokia Company.

Working as a digital marketing expert with various multinational companies in the international arena, he wanted to establish an IT institute in Bangladesh using the experience he gained due to his qualifications and skills. the aim was to educate the young people of Bangladesh in the field of freelancing, outsourcing and digital marketing. He has worked with the aim of promoting Bangladesh in the developed world by conducting training programs and Bangladeshi freelancers can create a strong position in the international arena.

He established the Outsourcing and Freelancing Training Institute in 2016 in his native Bangladesh. Through this training institute of freelancing and outsourcing, he conducts training programs for about 40 to 50 thousand youths in Bangladesh. The reputation of the training program of the IT institute established by him spread nationwide and his training institute earned the title of the best IT training institute in Bangladesh.

Note that until 2019, one of the best digital marketing awards in the list of digital marketing experts around the world was held by Md Abdus Salam Polash and the title of the most successful and richest freelancer not only in Bangladesh but also in Asia was also held by Polash. Even today in the digital marketing world, those who start their career as a new digital marketer also apply various creative methods & marketing tricks of this successful Asian freelancer Polash as ideal.

After 2020 he made his debut as an entrepreneur and after his debut he continued to create one digital platform after another. He first founded two successful freelancing marketplaces to facilitate the work of freelancers around the world. Then he successively established Asia’s largest e-commerce platform, ride sharing apps, shorts video platform, international dating site, internationally supported online payment gateway, online travel & ticketing portal, international news portal, international job portal, own airlines company. At the same time, he was able to establish himself as a successful entrepreneur internationally.

About BakBakum MCN Company

In addition to launching its own video platform as an MCN company, Bakbakum has brought good news for video content creators in the online world. BakBakum thinks this will be a new milestone for video content creators around the world. Because of Bakbakum’s Content Partner ownership agreement rules, those who have been uploading their own content on YouTube as unique content creators for so long can import videos directly from YouTube to the new channel Bakbakum MCN. That means, Youtubers / Content Creators will be able to keep the YouTube channel and the previous MCN running as usual. At the same time, the new channel made on Bakbakum MCN can also import videos directly from YouTube and can be activated Monetization immediately. In that case, YouTube and Bakbakum will have no problem with copyright strikes.

Content creators will be able to generate more revenue from Bakbakum MCN than any other MCN due to the facility to activate monetization by importing new videos directly to Bakbakum MCN Network. However, if any YouTubers or video content creators want to run separate monetization of content on YouTube and Bakbakum MCN on two platforms at the same time, they will be able to do it after following the terms and conditions and the proper guidelines of content-making of Bakbakum authority. The Bakbakum Authority is instructing all the content creators of the world to understand all rules and regulations of content creation given by the Bakbakum Authority while creating the content. In the case of content creation if you create content without following the proper guidelines, monetization will not be approved by Bakbakum MCN Authority.

Bakbakum, which started as a video platform and MCN network, has been successfully working with content creators worldwide and Md Abdus Salam Polash is working tirelessly to take its strong position as the number one video platform network and number one MCN company in the world in the next few years. As an Asian entrepreneur in the future, Md Abdus Salam Polash’s last wish is, in 2025, he wants to be the first Asian entrepreneur to create a more modern search engine than Google and successfully lead the future online world by removing companies like Google and YouTube that rule the world’s IT sector.

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Contact Person: David Billah
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Phone: +1(202)960-7280
Country: United Kingdom

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