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“En Substances” Art Exhibit: The Traditional Arts in the Digital Realm at Paris Blockchain Week

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"En Substances" Art Exhibit: The Traditional Arts in the Digital Realm at Paris Blockchain Week
"En Substances" art exhibition debuts during Paris Blockchain Week, curated by Lezar House Gallery founders. Featuring renowned artists like Cassigneul, Lorca, Jônatas, and Tatiana Kostylevskaia. The event bridges traditional and digital art realms, exploring NFTs' evolving role. Public access on April 12-13 at Le Bristol, Paris.

April 10th, 2024 - "EN SUBSTANCES – Contemporary Master Artists in the Digital Frontier – A physical and Digital Art Exhibition at Paris Blockchain Week." Synchronized with the highly anticipated Paris Blockchain Week, L'Antichambre announces its forthcoming exhibition, "EN SUBSTANCES – Contemporary Master Artists in the Digital Frontier," curated by Alexandre Vannucci & Jacques Lalo, cofounders of Barcelona's Lezar House Gallery.

Following a resounding collaboration on "The Future of Art ", an NFT Paris franchise exhibition in February 2024, L'Antichambre, for the first time since its inception, opens its private exhibitions to the public. Visitors will be welcomed on April 12 and 13 at Le Bristol in Paris for a unique artistic experience.

In a post-pandemic era where attention mostly gravitates toward emerging tech trends, L'Antichambre endeavors to engage in dialogue with both traditional culture aficionados and the digitally adept, who are transcending the transient and superficial associations previously tied to NFTs – recognizing the allure of paintings, sculptures, and photography, that can perhaps be enhanced by Blockchain technology.

Lezar House presents an audacious lineup of contemporary artists, many already enshrined in art history for their conceptual depth, narrative richness, and formal prowess.

"EN SUBSTANCES" will showcase esteemed artists like Jean-Pierre Cassigneul, Guillermo Lorca, and Salim Hallim, alongside curated selections from L'Antichambre, including Tatiana Kostylevskaia and Jônatas Chimen.

These artists, spanning generations from millennials to a Modern Period master, offer a diverse range of styles and influences;  Cassigneul, a French post-impressionist, has left an indelible mark on the art world for over half a century.

Lorca, celebrated as Chile's most influential contemporary artist, boasts worldwide acclaim and significant museum presence, particularly for his Contemporary Baroque works.

Salim Hallim, with his Algerian-French background, brings a multilayered identity to his stylized iconography, even having his work exhibited on the surface of the Moon, alongside Jeff Koons'. Tatiana Kostylevskaia, a Russian activist, fashion designer, and artist, gained attention at the Moscow International Biennale of Contemporary Arts for her thought-provoking works.

Jônatas Chimen, a Brazilian-American artist and scholar – with his narratives on Exile and the Diaspora, which blends Spanish Realism with immigration documents and ancestral diaries, has being named Artist of the Year by the Anti-Defamation League and presented at the United Nations as a guest artist.

This convergence aims to elevate the event by exploring the intersection of traditional painterly practices with digital mediums, lending new legitimacy to NFTs as certificates of authenticity, collectible digital asset, and vector of new experiences taking Art further.


L'Antichambre is a private collector's club established in 2023 by Adrien Ramesan, an investment banker, Hugo Kleinsinger, a business developer, and Jônatas Chimen, an artist and scholar. This initiative orchestrates a fine convergence of talents and patrons. Through meticulously curated invitation-only events, strategically placed within Paris' cultural calendar, L'Antichambre cultivates an atmosphere conducive to nuanced dialogue and aesthetic appreciation.


Lezar was born in 2018 as a Creative Studio for Art, Design and Architecture with the idea that innovation and collaboration are key to achieve meaningful and ambitious ideas. The Lezar House gallery was unveiled in Barcelona in 2022 as on open space for Lezar community members, public, creators, partners and ecosystem actors that reflect how to bring technology and art together, from digital experiences to physical mediums.

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