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Speek, the first decentralized and censorship-resistant messenger, goes viral

Speek, the leading anonymous and decentralized messenger that is censorship-resistant by design, is making waves globally after going viral and has quickly become a hot topic across the globe.

Speek, which has already been downloaded many times in different countries, has gone viral in Telegram groups, and growth hasn’t slowed down since.

A company representative said in a statement that the platform’s popularity has resulted from the growing surveillance and censorship that kept individuals from accessing information. Using Speek messenger ensures people have access, all done anonymously, with all messages sent directly from person to person.

“Through Speek, nobody is able to intercept messages. The messages are only temporarily stored on a device. When a user closes the app, all the messages are deleted. It is like talking in real life,” explains a company representative.

With these game-changing features, the decentralized messenger has become in demand and famous, becoming the only messenger ever created that doesn’t use any server.

“This means that messages exchanged through Speek are not stored; they just flow from person to person. Speek routes messages through Tor, guaranteeing security and total anonymity to users”.

Speek messenger leads the charge in assuring that no IP can be traced to the user, and individuals don’t need a username or phone number to use the messenger. These features have made the platform quite popular, leading to mass adoption worldwide.

“The app allows for complete privacy and data security, making it a game-changer in the industry,” explains the team behind the Speek messenger.

Initially compared to Telegram, Speek quickly set itself apart with its unique features. Unlike Telegram, Speek doesn’t require a user’s number and has no servers. Speek messenger also uses end-to-end encryption, while Telegram doesn’t use a standard encryption method. To be able to use Speek, people are identified using public keys that they can share with others and create contact lists.

Speek is also an open-source community project that is completely free. The messenger gives individuals the digital freedom they long for but cannot find with other platforms. On the Speek app, they can freely express their freedom of speech, communicate freely, and discuss all things under the sun without worrying about data privacy and security.

Those ready to get started with Speek may check out a tutorial on how to download it and add their first contacts. The app is available for download via the Mac or Windows store. The team behind Speek says it will expand onto Android and iOS, where they can write messages and send confidential messages cross-platform.

As the platform continues to experience massive growth, the team behind Speek is ramping up efforts to boost security as well as pushing for decentral ways of communicating. Speek is already a go-to for people looking for this flexibility, and the messenger is exploring more ways to grant users digital freedom of speech.

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