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Rookie Parenting Release A Selection Of Science Fair Ideas For 10th-Grade Students

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Belmont, California – Rookie Parenting is committed to coming up with simple, educational, and fun kids’ science experiments and activities for middle and high school students.

They have now released a selection of science fair ideas for 10th-grade students that include project ideas for topics such as Physical Science, Earth and Space Science, Chemistry, Biology, Engineering, and other STEM subjects.

Hundreds Of Science Experiments

Rookie Parenting has hundreds of science experiments and specialist science project ideas for class 10, like how to grow a crystal angel ornament, why is the sky blue, tornado in a glass, and the rising water experiment, that are easy to be replicated at home using simple and common household materials.

The STEM-orientated activities can be completed with or without supervision and show kids the fun side of science while still teaching them the core techniques and skills in a simple and interactive way.

Some of Rookie Parenting’s new 10th-grade science experiment ideas (but can also be used as summer activities or in home-school curriculums) include:

The Water Cycle Project

The water cycle is also known as the hydrologic cycle or the hydrological cycle. It describes how water moves continuously on Earth.

Water loops through different stages – evaporation, condensation, precipitation, and flow before going back to the evaporation stage, where the whole cycle starts all over again, making the “water cycle.”

Water covers 70% of the Earth’s surface and makes up approximately 60% of our bodies. This unique natural resource is essential for life both in animals and plants.

Besides having many amazing properties, water is the only substance that appears on Earth naturally in all three physical states of matter – gas (water vapor), liquid (water), and solid (snow and ice). Most other substances only exist in one state in nature.

As water goes through the different stages of the water cycle, it changes from one form to another by absorbing or releasing heat energy in the process.

Rookie Parenting has three water cycle projects that accurately show the fascinating process in a fun and interactive way.

These are:

  • Simple Water Cycle In A Bag Experiment
  • Evaporation-Distillation Water Science
  • Make Your Own Rain – Water Cycle In A Bottle Science Experiment

How To Make A Rainbow Experiment

Sunlight or white light is a mixture of all the rainbow colors. The different rainbow colors are essentially mixed together to result in a white color.

When light passes from one medium to another medium of a different density (like air to water), the light bends in what is known as a refraction of light.

How much light is refracted depends on the wavelength of the light, so the shorter the wavelength, the more it bends.

Lights of different colors have different wavelengths; each color is then refracted by different amounts.

Therefore, white light is split up after passing from air to water, and the individual colors become visible. This dispersion of light allows us to see the spectrum of colors that form a rainbow.

In nature, a rainbow is formed when sunlight is refracted on entering a droplet of water, reflected inside the back of the droplet, and finally refracted again on leaving the droplet.

Rookie Parenting has 3 easy experiments for students who want to learn how to make a rainbow at home but warn that adult supervision is essential in these experiments as they involve direct sunlight.

These are:

  • Rainbow Prism
  • Rainbow On The Wall
  • Make A Rainbow Using Flashlight

More information

To find out more about Rookie Parenting and to see more of their science fair project ideas for 10th-grade students, please visit their website at


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At RP Science, we will keep coming up with simple, educational and fun science experiments and activities and share them with you.

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