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Suffolk County Federal Criminal Defense Lawyer Jason Bassett Discusses The Federal Criminal Defense Process on Long Island

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Suffolk County federal criminal defense lawyer Jason Bassett ( releases a new article that explains the process of federal criminal defense in New York. The lawyer mentions that federal crimes are usually prosecuted under federal criminal law and not under state law. Federal laws can be complicated and federal crimes usually carry harsher sentences. 

According to the Suffolk County federal criminal defense lawyer, “If you have been accused of a federal offense, you are facing a prosecution involving top prosecutors with all the resources of the federal government.  When facing federal criminal charges, an individual must take prompt action and hire a highly-experienced federal criminal defense attorney.” 

The lawyer explains that New York has been a primary hub for many federal criminal prosecutions. If someone has been accused of a federal criminal offense, it is important to seek the help of a skilled defense lawyer right away. Federal crimes can be difficult to defend against since these crimes are rarely brought up unless the accused has been investigated for a long time. 

Attorney Bassett mentions that federal criminal charges represent some of the most serious crimes in the United States. These crimes include narcotics distribution, racketeering, money laundering, homicide, counterfeiting, conspiracy, firearm offenses, medicare fraud, bank fraud, wire fraud, mail fraud, Hobbs act violation, drug crimes, and white-collar crimes. 

In the article, the lawyer adds that facing criminal charges can be very frightening. Federal law enforcement can be intimidating so it is very important to seek the help of an experienced criminal defense lawyer. 

Furthermore, attorney Jason Bassett also explains that the federal criminal defense process in New York can be complicated. The process includes an investigation, arrest, initial appearance or arraignment, indictment, and discovery. 

The criminal defense lawyer says that the federal court decides matters involving federal criminal law and alleged violations of the United States Code. Because federal rules, procedures, and processes are very different from those in state courts, federal criminal lawyers must be experienced in defending criminal cases prosecuted at the federal level. 

A federal search warrant is a written directive from a judge that directs a law enforcement agent to search for certain things. These orders are often issued in the early stages of federal investigations. The federal law enforcement agency can seize and preserve evidence for use in court against defendants by issuing a search warrant.

Lastly, attorney Jason Bassett emphasizes the importance of having a good criminal defense lawyer when it comes to matters like federal crimes. Having a skilled lawyer may be able to help the accused protect their freedom. It may also be able to help the accused understand their rights in the case. 

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Jason Bassett, Esq. has dedicated his practice to defending the rights of those who are accused of criminal offenses. He puts his unique perspective as a former prosecutor to work and provides the best legal assistance he can give to his clients. Mr. Bassett brings a unique combination of skill, experience, and zealous advocacy to provide his clients with the best possible outcomes. Contact him today to schedule a consultation.


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