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Is BioLife Sciences (OTCPK: BLFE) An OTC Company Primed For Growth?

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BioLife Sciences Inc. (BioLife), a commercialization accelerator, licensor and developer of technologies, has reportedly provided investors with a significant company update throughout the course of a two-year transformation.

Over the course of the last two years, BioLife has gone through a number of changes evolving into a revamped corporate entity focused on disrupting various consumer verticals, with a specific focus on health and wellness.

Let’s take a look at some of what the company has been up to over the last two years.

BioLife Sciences is Born:

In June of 2020, the OTC Markets public entity formerly known as Rhino Novi Inc. (RNOV) underwent a reverse merger transaction – changing its name and ticker symbol to BioLife Sciences Inc. (BLFE). While Rhino Novi originally focused on VOIP products, the newly formed BioLife would focus on developing and marketing disruptive technologies to a variety of consumer verticals.

Harnessing the Antimicrobial Power of Copper?

BioLife has reported it focused on the utilization of the natural antimicrobial power of copper and harnessing its innate benefits into everyday textiles.

This dynamic elemental metal has a wide variety of beneficial traits, including being required by all plants and animals as a key mineral and nutrient necessary for survival.

In the case of humans specifically, copper reportedly helps to boost red blood cell production, provides support to the immune system, and helps to keep nerve cells healthy.

For plants, copper is a fundamental micronutrient that is a critical element of plant enzymes, it is essential for plants’ respiration, plays a key role in plant cell wall strength and contributes to the overall strength of the plant.

More recently, copper has been shown to provide antimicrobial efficacy associated with copper alloy touch surfaces. Some hospital studies have shown copper’s effectiveness in lowering E.coli counts on brass doorknobs, as well as SARS-CoV-2, Rhinovirus Type 37, Rotavirus Strain WA, and Human Coronavirus 229E.

BioLife says it has focused its attention on incorporating the power of copper into everyday products which are fabric-based and disruptive, in contrast to the market’s current offering. Some of these products in development include copper-infused fabric gardening pots, copper-infused gardening gloves, copper-infused microfiber towels and copper-infused air filters.

What is MFusion?

The company states that traditional copper-infused products that consumers will find on the market today provide limited-to-partial copper coverage. This means that there could are often gaps in the copper coverage, resulting in less-than-optimal results.

BioLife addresses this problem with the introduction of their unique copper infusion process: MFusion. MFusion infuses copper into every sub-bundle of the fabric, providing more complete coverage.

When copper is infused into textiles via MFusion, the resulting fabrics benefit from 100% evenly distributed copper coverage. MFusion can be applied to any textile – from t-shirts to air filters – with the result being total copper infusion.

The 2022 Acquisition of Health Box LLC – What’s Next?

In February of 2022, BioLife completed the acquisition of Health Box LLC – an Arizona-based orthomolecular medicine and natural health products company.

By completing this acquisition - and appointing Nika Jaksic, Health Box’s founder, as the new COO, the company believes it has positioned itself to enter the orthomolecular and natural health products space.

In order to facilitate the Company’s aggressive expansion plans, the Company filed for a Regulation A+ Tier 1 Offering. The SEC qualified BioLife and the Company is eligible to raise up to $20 million.

If successful in its capital raise, BioLife states that they intend to pursue rapid expansion of its existing and contemplated product offerings, audits, and the potential of filling towards uplisting to the OTC Venture Market (OTCQB).

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BioLife Sciences Inc. specializes in moving innovative products from the lab or small-scale production into wider market adoption. Its core business develops, licenses and distributes antimicrobial products and disruptive technology. One of BioLife Sciences’ core building block strategies is to develop, partner and assist innovative companies with the commercialization of leading-edge technologies.

This post contains sponsored advertising content. This content is for informational purposes only and is not intended to be investing advice.

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