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Light of Man 2022 Spiritual & Inspirational Movie of the Year

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SAG HARBOR, N.Y. - Dec. 30, 2022 - PRLog -- As we bring 2022 to an end, it has been a difficult year for many and it has been hard to find things to celebrate.  A global pandemic continues to linger and war crimes and devastation are being committed against Ukraine.

While the world focuses on these stories and weather issues around the globe, one man has released a powerful documentary that has quietly been recognized around the world with 15 selections at film festivals and 7 Winner selections for Best Inspirational or Spiritual Documentary film.

"The Light of Man®" is a transformational and globally unifying look at the origins of God or a "higher power" and man's relationship with God.  90% of the world believes in "God" or a "higher power" and yet remains divided.

"What if, "God" wasn't a he or a she, but the very light and energy that gives life to all things?  What if, after thousands of years, science actually proved the existence of "God" or a "Higher Power? asks Kevin L. McCrudden, the author and creator of "The Light of Man."

The documentary movie has just received it's seventh and final award for 2022 winning Gold as the Best Faith-Based, Spiritual & Inspirational Film of 2022 at the Global Independent Film Awards, a global online film festival. The movie has also won awards for Best Short, Spiritual and Inspirational film at The Los Angeles Film Awards; Vegas Film Awards; New York Film Awards; London Film Awards; Paris Film Awards and Rome Film Awards. It has also been a "selection" at various film awards in Australia, India, Africa, Canada, Europe and here in America.

The New York Film Awards stated this, "Powerful. The Light of Man® is a love letter to the world, which promotes original thinking about the power of connection between human beings."

McCrudden is no stranger to motivational and inspirational content, as he is the founder of National Motivation & Inspiration Day®, which is January 2nd of every year and January is Motivation & Inspiration Month® which he had passed by The United States Congress and New York State!

He is also known as, "Mr. Motivation and America's CMO - Chief Motivation Officer." After two decades of dedication to personal and professional development and eight (8) books and audiobooks on the subject, McCrudden is now an internationally award-winning filmmaker.

McCrudden states, "The Light of Man has been a divine journey. I can't tell you how all the pieces have come together, but after a decade in planning it is all falling into place. The right people have seemingly come out of nowhere and presented themselves as experts and assets that have helped the film become a reality now, at this time when we seem to need an inspirational and spiritual lift the most."

Dr. Rev. B. L. Hofer is a religious expert that appears in the movie and is President of The Hofer Institute an Ordained Pastor, pastoral psychologist, author and educator says, "What could be more important for our time? For man to discover, at their very foundation, at the very root of all life, we have this beautiful God of light in common. This is a message of unity. A message for such a time as this."

In addition to Dr. Rev. Hofer in the movie, His Holiness The Dalai Lama is included, the late  Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, world renowned near death expert Dr. Raymond Moody and world-renowned physicist Dr. John Hagelin are also in the movie.

Dr. Hagelin, President of Maharishi International University and leader of the Transcendental Meditation movement is also International President of the Global Union of Scientists for Peace, a world-renowned quantum physicist, educator, author, public policy expert, and leading proponent of peace, said, "Kevin McCrudden's, "The Light of Man" breaks new ground. It uses cutting-edge physics to unravel profound spiritual enigmas and simultaneously addresses some of the most pressing challenges of our time. He skillfully weaves scientific and spiritual truths together to form a unified, paradigm-changing view of reality. My contribution to this effort was to validate the science and, in the process, support my ultimate goal of bringing humankind together in the cause of peace—proving that we have something far more profound that unites us than the surface trivialities that divide us."

"Obviously, I don't want to tell the entire story and be a spoiler and have nobody watch the movie for themselves, however, like a college thesis or Doctoral Dissertation, I have brought together world- renowned experts to help prove my thesis is correct. I am not asking anyone to change their religion or change their belief systems. In fact, I am asking 90% of the planet to take one step further, closer to God. The one step just happens to be potentially transformational, paradigm shifting and earth shattering!" says McCrudden.

His "goal" he says, is to help people see what they have in common. Their common belief in God or a higher power and their common humanity. To see beyond their "Religious Beliefs" that tend to divide people and see their greater commonalities. His hope is that by empowering people with the ability to see each other as having the same ultimate belief, that it becomes more difficult to dislike or hate other people and brings the world closer toward World Peace.

McCrudden concluded, "My dream is that "The Light of Man" can play a pivotal role in bringing peace and unity to the world and removing some of the cultural divides that keep us apart. I am playing my part in this divine journey and pray that I have done my part successfully enough that people from all walks of life will see the amazing beauty of humanity more clearly."

Kevin L. McCrudden

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Global Independent Film Awards Laurel 2

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