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Discover the Transformative Journey on The Road: ‘Diary of A Denver Driver’ Unveils an Inspirational Journey

Discover the Transformative Journey on The Road: 'Diary of A Denver Driver' Unveils an Inspirational Journey

Tej Prasad Dhakal, an immigrant worker in the USA, has released an inspiring new book titled "Diary of A Denver Driver”, based on his experiences as a ride-share driver, offers an insightful and entertaining look into the ride-share industry, road observations, and personal transformations.

The author Mr. Tej Prasad Dhakal, born on December 8, 1971, in Gorkha, Nepal, has a remarkable journey filled with challenges and achievements. Despite facing numerous hardships in his early life, Dhakal continued to pursue his education diligently. He obtained degrees in Forestry, Education, and English Language Teaching. He has dedicated his career to empowering others through education and community work performing multiple roles as a teacher, mentor, and guiding individuals from various backgrounds.

In the role of a driver, Dhakal has completed over 18,000 rides and gave lifts to 27,000 people on the Lyft platform, bringing a unique perspective to readers. His journey began in 2018 when he entered the ride-share sector, seeking independence and adventure. What started as a smart career move evolved into a reflective experience that shaped his views on driving, life, and community.

The book is a heartfelt account of an immigrant driver contributing to the local community and the national economy. Dhakal's experiences driving over 350,000 miles across Colorado and 20+ states in the USA offer readers a glimpse into the diverse landscapes and people he encountered. Within the chapters of the book, readers will find gripping stories of his interactions with riders/customers, including the craziest stories from over 27,000 rides. From heartwarming moments to challenging situations, Dhakal shares it all, providing valuable insights for prospective ride-share drivers and curious readers alike.

One of the book's standout features is Dhakal's personal journey of transformation. As a former chain smoker, heavy drinker, and meat lover, he details his decision to quit these habits during the COVID-19 pandemic, offering a unique perspective on life changes and experiences.

"I wanted to share my journey not just as a driver but as someone who found a new way of living," says Dhakal. "The book reflects my love for driving, the challenges faced in the ride-share industry, and the importance of safety on the road."

"Dairy of A Denver Driver" serves as a guide for visitors to Denver and Colorado, highlighting fun activities and the region's ride-share industry. Dhakal's deep knowledge of Denver's streets, traffic rules, and driving practices makes this book a valuable resource for anyone interested in exploring the city or becoming a ride-share driver.

Through his writing, Dhakal highlights the need for responsible driving practices to make cities and communities safer. His insights on road safety and the impact of driver behavior relate to readers concerned about reducing traffic accidents and fatalities. Along with rides and roads, this book is about resilience, growth, and making a positive change. Dhakal's appealing storytelling and candid reflections make "Diary of A Denver Driver" a must-read for those looking for inspiration and a deeper understanding of the ride-share industry.

"Diary of A Denver Driver" is now available for purchase online on Amazon, Barnes, and Noble.  

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