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A Haven in the Bear Market, Huobi Earn Special Event for Major Crypto Assets: Enjoy up to 18% APY

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According to the official announcement of Huobi, Huobi Earn has launched a special event (click here to participate)for major crypto assets on December 26. The investment subscription supports USDT, USDD, USDC, BTC, and ETH tokens, of which USDD has a high APY of 18%. The special Auto-Invest product aims to provide users with more crypto assets investment allocation options. It integrates three major product advantages: flexible, safe&stable, and automatic compound interest, reducing users' earning risk and improving their return.

Faced with the persistent bear market and a depressed secondary market, most crypto investors' asset allocations are tilted towards major tokens, with capital preservation and return reduction becoming a more robust mainstream choice. The asset aggregation of major tokens and the high risk of crypto derivatives have made the crypto investment earning business launched by CEX more popular among crypto investors.

According to the analysis of industry insiders, various cryptocurrency investment products have been launched by various centralized exchanges in the industry. Faced with the impact of the bear market, it is the trend to include stable tokens anchored to the American dollar, BTC, ETH, and other major tokens that are less volatile or have a large market inventory. At the same time, due to the consideration of liquidity and redemption security, more users will choose the crypto investment earning products of big exchanges, which are compliant and legality. The special event for major crypto assets recently launched by the head exchange Huobi will be preferred.

Stable profits even in bear markets, Auto-Invest of major tokens APY up to 18%

According to the rules of special event for major crypto assets of Huobi Earn, the major tokens that can be subscribed this time include USDT, USDD, and USDC, three stable tokens that anchor the American dollar, and the top two tokens with market value, BTC and ETH, each of which has three amounts tiers for users to choose from and corresponding to three interest ranges. Such settings can meet different asset management needs of users from multiple dimensions, such as capital holding, risk preference, and return expectation, realizing flexible asset allocation while taking into account returns.

It is worth noting that the stable token USDT, the amount tier of 0-1,000 USDT interest range up to 15%, has far exceeded the industry exchange of similar products. The stable token USDD, issued by Tron DAO Reserve, the amount tier of 0-1,000 USDD amount tier enjoys up to 18% APY. This interest range results from much significant cooperation and ecological linkage between Tron and Tron, which not only brings high returns for users but also provides double protection against asset security and volatility risks for users to make stable profits in bear markets.

In addition, this special event for major crypto assets also continues Huobi Earn Auto-Invest's three main advantages: flexible, safe&stable, and automatic compound interest. Huobi's robust risk management systems fully protect the safety of users' assets, support subscription and redemption at any time, instant arrival upon redemption, and also enable automatic reinvestment of interest to achieve compound interest, meeting users' diversified investment operation needs and maximizing the safety of users' assets.

Holding the line on security, Huobi drive crypto market recovery

After the outbreak of the FTX crisis, the safety of escrow funds has undoubtedly become the focus of the market for centralized trading platforms with a large user base. By launching such a high-yield major token investment product, Huobi is trying to prove to the market once again its determination to adhere to the safety of user assets and promote the safety and transparency of centralized trading platforms, as well as to practice the "global compliance" strategy.

It is reported that at the beginning of the FTX incident, Huobi took the lead in announcing the launch of the "Merkle Tree Proof" to ensure the transparency of the asset reserves; four days later, Huobi announced some of the major asset reserves in the hot and cold wallet and said that based on the completion of a 100% reserve audit, it would again announce the Merkle tree reserve proof within a month. As early as before, Huobi put "always put the security of our users' assets first" at the top of the industry initiative and ensured that the assets of our users were fully redeemable.

On November 22, Huobi emphasized at the brand upgrade conference that is strictly abiding by the bottom line and tradition of user asset security will not change and will build a more robust firewall. In addition, Huobi proposed a "global compliance" strategy to explore and adapt to the requirements of different regions in a compliant operation model while respecting and supporting regulatory policies worldwide.

From strategic policy and brand philosophy to practical actions and product services, Huobi always puts the safety of users' assets in the first place, continuously refining the security of technology, practicing the concept of "trust by users," and has gained phased achievement in promoting the construction of the industry's safe and transparent benign development.

Recently, Huobi also jointly launched Dominica Coin (DMC) and Digital Identity (DID) with TRON and DMC Labs; and reached cooperation with Visa, the world's top electronic payment service provider, to issue Huobi Visa Card. Its global compliance operation process is also accelerating, and its return to the three major exchanges is just around the corner.

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