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Dr. Harold Walter Sims Jr.'s New Book 'The Mystery of the Egyptian Mummified Kittens' is a Stunning Fantasy Novel That Follows a Cat's Risky Quest in Ancient Egypt

CULLOWHEE, N.C. - June 28, 2022 - (

Fulton Books author Dr. Harold Walter Sims Jr., a retired professional who lives a frugal life, has completed his most recent book "The Mystery of the Egyptian Mummified Kittens": a fascinating adventure packed with unforgettable life lessons. Hebony embarks on a journey where he learns more about people and their never-ending greed. This is the tale of a feline whistleblower. The beginning of a legend.

Dr. Sims Jr. shares, "The Mystery of the Egyptian Mummified Kittens spins a cat tale that takes place in ancient Egypt. Hebony, the protagonist, is a cat that is going on a mission that will take him to places to do things that no other cat has ever done before.

Chosen by goddesses and trained from birth by his mother and siblings at the age of four months, he begins an odyssey that, if successful, will save the lives of kittens that might be sacrificed and made into little cat mummies to be sold to people who wish to gain favor with the cat goddess Bastet. But his training to get him into shape for such a mission is augmented by words from his mother who is very concerned about the destruction the people have done and are still doing to a land that all forms of life depend on for their survival.

So at times, besides keeping on course with his primary mission, Hebony learns more about the people, their self-destructive natures, their love for war and competition, and their total disregard for any other inhabitants they must share the little land that is known.

Follow Hebony as he climbs sandy dunes; trespasses on the land of the priests; jumps into fast-moving chariots; goes to the fair city of Alexandra and finds his first love; attends a chariot race and meets Grosso, a cat who becomes his mentor and foster father. And when he thinks his mission is over, he learns more about the mystery from a retired Egyptian priest who lives in an old fisherman's cabin deep in the woods.

When he finally returns home to report his findings, he is arrested and returned to Alexandria where he is and tried by a kangaroo court, convicted of treason, and sentenced to death by mummification. But with a little help from his friends and a nest full of mice, he escapes and lives to tell his tale.

Hebony is no ordinary cat. But this story isn't just about a brave little kitten. It is a story that will motivate readers to follow Hebony's example and live their life as he did with a purpose and the determination to reach their goals and make the world a better place than they'd found it. It's something we all need to do."

Published by Fulton Books, Dr. Harold Walter Sims Jr.'s book is a thought-provoking fiction that promotes honesty and bravery. 

Hebony's story proves that it takes great courage to push back against the odds and make the world a better place to live with.

Readers who wish to experience this potent work can purchase "The Mystery of the Egyptian Mummified Kittens" at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes store, Amazon, Google Play or Barnes & Noble.

Please direct all media inquiries to Author Support via email at or via telephone at 877-210-0816. 

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Original Source: Dr. Harold Walter Sims Jr.'s New Book 'The Mystery of the Egyptian Mummified Kittens' is a Stunning Fantasy Novel That Follows a Cat's Risky Quest in Ancient Egypt
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