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Decebal Bugariu Releases New Novel Titled “Run to Where Nobody is Waiting”

A story of survival and sacrifice, determination, courage, and faith, of a man who decided to put it all behind and start a new life somewhere else, even though nobody was waiting there

After living in a corrupt, totalitarian regime in which you are denied the very basic individual rights of freedom – to speak without censorship, to worship without intimidation, to read books you want and meet friends you love without fear of being spied or reported on, to grow professionally without being forced to join the ruling communist party, to get a passport without the humiliation of having to bribe a corrupt agent—when all of these become unbearable, fleeing appeared as the most plausible option;  no certain destination, no one waiting for you, yet the only way you can save your sanity, dignity, and integrity.

It’s what Decebal Bugariu tries to convey in his autobiographical novel, “Run to Where Nobody is Waiting,” - an honest, unfiltered narrative of the anguish over his decision to flee Romania, a country he loves, but whose communist, repressive regime reduces the life of common citizens to a hopeless, gloomy, and miserable existence. Only if one lived in this kind of system, one can really grasp the painful, brutal, absurd reality and understand why so many people left their country, traditions, and families during communist times and emigrated to the West.

“Run to Where Nobody is Waiting,” is a story of determination, courage, and faith, the story of a man who decided to put it all behind and start a new life somewhere else, even though nobody was waiting there.

For Bugariu, the opportunity to defect came when he was working as an electrical engineer for a Romanian company doing an irrigation project in the Libyan Desert. The first of the book’s three parts is a firsthand account of the dubious dealings people were doing there for personal financial gains, not for fulfilling work assignments. The vivid descriptions and dialogues allow the reader to be present with the character and see, through his eyes, the lack of morals and standards to which some people have been reduced by living in a communist regime. The second part depicts his epic journey through the desert toward the free world, and the last part recounts the odd encounters and shenanigans in the Italy’s refugee camp, while the author was anxiously waiting to be granted the entry visa in the United States.

“Run to Where Nobody is Waiting,” is a personal narrative, but it is also a cautionary tale about how the one-party rule, clinging to power through all means of control, including coercion, intimidation, and psychological manipulation, transforms a self-regulating structure into an autocratic, disrupting body, where citizens’ constitutional rights are denied by those who scream the loudest about preserving them.

If you are one of those readers who appreciates historic firsthand testimonies while having some understanding of different political systems, this book is definitely worth your time, and, in spite of the author’s intended purpose of relating a traumatic personal experience, the story is exciting, meaningful, and highly entertaining.

Get your online copy now from Amazon, Kindle, Barnes and Noble, and Google Books before they run all out!

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