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With A State Of The Art And Upgraded Product Line, Lhamo Pad Is Changing The Face Of Personal Care Products

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Blending organic cotton, essential oils, and compostable materials, Lhamo offers a dazzling range of eco-friendly, organic herbal-infused pads for a whole new yet comfortable menstrual experience.

Organic menstrual pads are gaining popularity globally and are already available in the market. But only a few offer the benefits associated with them. Here Lhamo Pad steals the limelight with its all-new upgraded product line that is taking the women's community by storm.

Premiering its one-of-a-kind organic herbal-infused pads collection, Lhamo has set the bar high with a commitment to offering products with unique design features that provide even more comfort and protection than ever before. Lhamo combines the best of herbal wisdom and modern science to create a standardized, high-quality natural product to empower a healthy menstrual cycle. Each Lhamo pad is infused with a proprietary combination of five organic essential oils, which helps soothe skin and promote breathability during the menstrual cycle.

When asked about the uniqueness of the products, the founder said, "Transform your monthly cycle into a more comfortable time of the month. Our new herbal sanitary pads are now more powerful than ever, providing even more comfort and protection. Its high-quality, breathable cotton cover helps it absorb more, while organic essential oils reduce menstrual discomfort and smell great. So say bye-bye to discomfort and bad smell and hello to LHAMO!"

In the past few years, many have turned to organic herbs and essential oils to soothe the discomforts associated with periods. However, when applied topically, these herbs and oils can lead to dryness and staining. LHAMO provides an innovative solution to this common problem by combining organic cotton with organic herbal oils to offer round-the-clock comfort and a great smell.

Step away from synthetic pads and try LHAMO's best menstrual pad with the organic cotton top layer. The uniquely designed, high-quality, breathable organic cotton cover improves absorption, reduces odor, and soft feel providing a more comfortable everyday experience.

LHAMO Organic Herbal Infused Pads are made from natural ingredients to provide users with the ultimate experience in personal care. Unlike other pads in the market, Lhamo pads are infused with a unique blend of organic herbs and essential oils to keep women feeling and smelling fresh all day long. Plus, women will never have to worry about toxic bleaching chemicals on their most sensitive skin - they use only the best natural cotton and essential oils.

Menstrual pads are a nightmare for the planet; the majority of brands around the world are made from non-biodegradable material that can sit in landfills for more than 1,000 years after disposal. At LHAMO, they are committed to creating organic products that reduce waste, improve the environment, and enhance your experience with safe, natural materials that feel great to wear.

In addition to features that support women's health and safety, Lhamo organic herbal-infused pads offer an innovative, eco-friendly approach to materials. The pads are made from  chlorine-free compostable material, a first for menstrual protection. They rely on layers of a blend of organic fabrics that make up the pad itself and a breathable cotton layer. A must-have solution on period, Lhamo Organic Herbal Infused Period Pads can provide you with protection that is comfortable, reliable, and environmentally sustainable.

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