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45Drives Launches "Proxinator", Deepens Partnership with Proxmox

In the wake of Broadcom’s elimination of the free version of ESXi, a best-in-class solution emerges, unlocking the power of open-source for enterprise at the highest level yet seen in the marketplace

SYDNEY, Nova Scotia - (NewMediaWire) - March 14, 2024 - In today’s turbulent enterprise technology market, 45Drives, the leader in open-source, big, strong, fast and secure data storage solutions, continues to thrive in market headwinds and power forward rapid innovation for enterprise. Today, the Company is thrilled to announce the launch of its new product, the Proxinator™: the ultimate open-source for enterprise virtualization solution. 

Currently, many legacy business models for virtualization are proprietary, inflexible, and riddled with hidden costs. Broadcom’s recent decision to eliminate the free version of ESXi has created a crisis for many organizations leaving firms vulnerable and reeling under the effects of a classic “rug pull” event. Situations such as these make it clear that any replacement option must come without the inherent risk and exposure of proprietary models, which create tremendous unpredictable vulnerabilities. 

While open-source is a cost-effective solution, it can become a time-consuming proposition in many cases when not managed properly for enterprise. Enterprise has long understood that open-source offers the promise of solutions that offer equivalent or often higher performance and stability than proprietary (e.g. enterprise Linux vs windows server) but taking on open-source internally is often perceived as too much of a ‘project’ or “experiment” for most larger organizations. ​​Software consultants like Redhat have filled the void for organizations that wished to go in that direction, but they are not highly hardware integrated. Under the hood, they are craft oriented, and this creates a linkage between the skills of project staff and results – i.e. open-source consultant route can still feel ‘projecty’. Finally, there is a hardware – software gap that leaves customers with imperfect results, and vendors pointing fingers at each other.

45Drives doesn't think that's right, and this conviction to better-serve the channel gave birth to the Proxinator™: a turn-key product + world-class service solution combination that integrates virtualization with direct access to high-speed storage with 24-7 support anywhere in the world. Pre-installed with Linux and Proxmox, this robust unit simplifies virtual machine and storage management for peak efficiency in any use case. 45Drives offers industry-best service that covers configuration, painless migration, and training, offering a single point of accountability for all software and hardware needs, ensuring that any enterprise gets the best of both worlds at a level yet to be delivered prior to today by any player in the field. 

Recently, 45Drives officially partnered with Proxmox, an open-source virtualization platform designed for enterprise-level virtualization. It offers tools for managing server virtualization and integrating storage, computing, and networking into a unified data center platform. Enterprise can rest easy with confidence that 45Drives is by far the most deeply and seamlessly integrated official Proxmox solution available today. 

About 45Drives

45Drives is an organization parented by Protocase and Protospace MFG, innovators in manufacturing for technology and aerospace, built on unique competencies in mass custom and lean and software development. 45Drives has used this heritage to build full enterprise storage and virtualization solutions that are equal or better than legacy vendor’s products. But they are dramatically different in that they are open-source, open platform hardware/software integrated, and done under a mass custom model, which impacts product design (highly defined modular elements), and feature best-in-class configuration and service. Our approach to human expertise is powered by a mass custom HR system, inspiring a highly unique and stable culture. This approach results in open-source open platform solutions that:

· Are highly flexible – feel like custom solutions

· Work reliably like rigid legacy products

· Cost dramatically less

· Leave ownership and cost control in the hands of the customer

· Provide a single source of accountability, someone to call, no finger pointing

· Ensure a novel customer experience at the human level

Best of all, our model and culture is highly scalable so you'll never see deterioration of service through growth, as we remain profitable, growing 30% year-over-year, even in the big tech pullback. 


Jon Lindsay Phillips


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