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ALSCO Offers Patent Secure Gateway Security

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ALSCO Data Center and software development company provides cutting-edge engineering solutions by offering Patent Secure Gateway Security.

Secure gateways are a needed part of a layered security strategy because of the increase in cyberattacks and the increase in remote workforces. Cyberattacks are at an all-time high, with "crimeware as a service" options allowing anyone to obtain high-quality malware that can impact an organization.

ALSCO data center provides secure gateway security to safeguard websites and web applications against cyber threats and malicious traffic, such as cybercriminals and bad bots.

"Cyberattacks are at an all-time high, with crimeware as a service option allowing just about anyone to get their hands on all kinds of high-quality malware that can have a material impact on an organization. If you are a business owner who values your company's data and wants to avoid losses and breaches, you must work with companies like us. ALSCO is a leading data center and software development company that provides various high-performance network solutions. You must understand your network perimeter so that you can effectively implement the recommendations provided by your security organization," stated a representative of ALSCO.

ALSCO Today provides a diverse range of domain name and hosting services, with a primary focus on meeting the online needs of Middle Eastern businesses. They are pleased to announce their Secure Security Gateway, a patented Network Traffic Analysis technology.

Secure web gateways are critical for thwarting cybercriminals who have mastered web impersonation or websites that appear authentic but are not. A secure web gateway does precisely what its name implies: it checks web traffic to and from a network for malicious code, suspect URLs, and other potential threats. Unauthorized uploads to cloud services, as well as prohibited data, are also blocked by the gateways. A secure web gateway can also provide additional controls such as social media filtering, document scanning, and anti-malware integration to detect zero-day (never-before-seen) threats.


Secure gateway aids in the prevention of increasingly sophisticated cyberattacks. With the growing ransomware threat, a secure web gateway is an essential barrier to preventing a potentially crippling attack. Website and web application security are critical for enabling business continuity and protecting the organization from data theft and financial loss.

ALSCO provides a patent-protected gateway security system. This is intended to require no configuration and to become more innovative as it is used. Using advanced intelligence algorithms and expert security analysts, traffic is constantly analyzed to profile behavior, detect inconsistencies, and determine reputation. Each cyber-attack makes its secure gateway smarter and more resistant to emerging threats.

Here are some of the benefits of using ALSCO's secure gateway security system

-  The ALSCO system offers real-time insights into the user's traffic security events
-  Users will get real-time insights into their web application security events
-  The ALSCO system provides users the information about the visitor's country and organization
-  Users can analyze security events with no expertise needed
-  Users will get the benefit of more statistics provided

ALSCO is pleased to announce that the United States Patent and Trademark Office issued US Patent Application Pub. No. 20130017561 as US Patent 10498760 on Dec 3, 2019. The issued claims relate to methods for Web Security. ALSCO has a long-standing history as a leading security provider. 

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