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New York Photographer Gabrielle Dan’s “Labyrinth” Collection Premieres at the Helsinki Cultural Dialogue Exhibit

Multi-faceted artist Gabrielle Dan Chengmin is proud to have participated in the Cultural Dialogue exhibit at the EU-MAN Gallery in Helsinki, Finland, beginning March 2, 2024. She continues to showcase her Labyrinth collection for the second part of the exhibition which opened on April 2.

Multi-faceted artist Gabrielle Dan Chengmin, best known for depicting powerful narratives of her unique understanding of human nature, is proud to have participated in the Cultural Dialogue exhibit at the EU-MAN Gallery in Helsinki, Finland, beginning March 2, 2024. She continues to showcase her Labyrinth collection for the second part of the exhibition which opened on April 2 — a movie-inspired collection that depicts the positive and negative complexities of relationships and human connection.  

Gabrielle delves into the rich metaphor of the labyrinth in her works from 2023, capturing the intricate dance of complex, unstable relationships with a profound depth of emotional entanglement. From March 2 to March 14, 2024, she had the honor of displaying these works alongside those of Shaoqiang Wang, the dean of the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts. 

Inspired by the film "Closer" (2004), Gabrielle Dan Chengmin's artistic journey through this metaphorical labyrinth unfolds in China. Observing the endless dance of desire, where love perpetually seeks the "other," she mirrors this human condition in her creations — one clear, one blurred — capturing the clarity and confusion that coexist in our connections with others. In this collection, she delves into the challenge between truth and deception and the constant pursuit of authenticity and connection within relationships. She gravitated toward the labyrinth as a powerful symbol of navigating the intricacies of interpersonal relationships, highlighting the risk of getting lost in our own emotional mazes as we attempt to find something genuine. 

“In labyrinthine relationships, communication pathways can be indirect or circuitous, making direct dialogue challenging,” said Gabrielle. “Because information can twist with individual perspectives and sensitivities, misunderstandings and misinterpretations easily arise. Just as a labyrinth conceals its center, the true feelings and motives of each person in a relationship may not immediately reveal themselves. Within the winding paths of each person's psyche lie layers of emotions, past experiences, and intentions, influencing interactions in ways that are not always clear.”

For Gabrielle, her creation of Labyrinth depicts the cyclical journey of seeking and losing — whether one’s path, self, or partner. She has reflected on the continual cycles of attraction, connection, betrayal, and separation experienced by the characters in Labyrinth. Her work from 2023 mirrors this complex, ever-changing maze where finding a way out or reaching the center of clarity or resolution is an ongoing process rather than a clear endpoint.

Prior to her participation in the Cultural Dialogue exhibit in Helsinki, Gabrielle brought her piece “Respond – Girl Gaze” to the prestigious Mannheim Contemporary Art Exhibition in Germany. This work depicts an attractive man wearing a female garter belt, and the response to the male gaze. It features Gabrielle’s delicate shooting techniques leveraging soft light and the human body in its most natural form. In November 2023, she also showcased her work at the Shanghai International Art Fair, furthering her exploration of visual narrative and gender dynamics. Additionally, Gabrielle presented “Anti-Male Gaze: Response” at the 28th Guangzhou International Art Fair, and two other collections at the Mannheim Contemporary Art Exhibition – “Lonely Romance” and “Skinny Love.” At the 2023 Art Realm – Singapore Contemporary Art Exhibition, Gabrielle again showcased “Skinny Love,” offering a nuanced perspective on the complex pressures and expectations confronting women in contemporary society.

Gabrielle relocated to New York City in 2020 to explore film and television art majors. She graduated in May of 2021 from the New York Institute of Technology with a degree in film and TV production. Later in 2021, she was admitted to New York University’s esteemed Gallatin School through her influential “Anti-Male Gaze” series of photographs. In September of 2022, she was invited to photograph at New York Fashion Week, and in March of 2023 was invited to shoot for the “Past Present Future” art exhibition at the Time Arts Gallery in New York. 

In July of 2023, Gabrielle participated in the “Before Sunset” photography group exhibition in New York, the “ART X HOTEL” exhibition at the SPATIUM GINZA Pony Hotel in Tokyo, and also exhibited at Tokyo’s duo exhibition, “Where Aphrodite Bleeds, Red Roses Bloom.” In August of 2023, she participated in the “Temporary Urban Landscape” group exhibition at the Time Arts Gallery in New York, and was again invited to shoot at New York Fashion Week this past September. 

About Gabrielle Dan Chengmin

A multidisciplinary artist and filmmaker, Gabrielle Dan Chengmin now resides in New York and is known for her bold exploration of human relationships and individuality. Her powerful narratives challenge viewers, sparking introspection and conversation.

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