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Untraceable Ammunition Is A Major Threat To Global Security & Safety - This Company Believes It Has The Answer

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The recent conviction of Parkland, Florida, school shooter Nikolas Cruz brought back to the public attention the crisis and contention around gun violence in America. The highest rate of gun-related violence on record occurred in 2020.

While shootings like those in Parkland and Uvalde, Texas, rightly receive widespread public attention, the unspoken epidemic lies under the surface in the large number of homicides that go unsolved every year. A recent report revealed that the majority of gun homicides and nonfatal shootings go unsolved. This problem especially afflicts minority communities, with only 35% of firearm homicides of African American victims seeing an arrest.

Meanwhile, though there is some growing support for sensible gun regulation, strong disagreement remains around the direction regulation should take. One company — The Bullet ID Corp. — is promoting a common-sense solution that can potentially draw widespread support. It produces serialized ammunition as part of a comprehensive production, supply chain and app product that allows each piece of ammo to be tracked and managed.

A Solution To Change The Trajectory Of The Ammo Market

Bullet ID has developed the latest blockchain technology to create a solution that serves manufacturers, law enforcement and the military.

The vast majority of ammo available today is untraceable, meaning that the industry suffers from a chronic problem of no inventory, no tracking and, fundamentally, no accountability.

Untraceable ammunition also damages the police’s ability to solve many incidences of gun violence. Microstamping a barcode onto each bullet may be an invaluable tool in the police arsenal, as it would allow them to trace the bullet’s owner and sales history. In addition to helping police more effectively solve homicides, bullet ids would help tackle black market ammo sales.

The detrimental effects of non-traceable ammo go beyond the police. There is little accountability from manufacturer to supplier to consumer, and taxpayers' dollars are wasted on the destruction of unmarked ammunition. The U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) has called for an overhaul of how the Army procures and produces its ammunition, and bullet tracing would provide the military with a clean and effective system to track their inventory.

Bullet ID is bringing an integrated solution to the $23 billion global ammunition market. In production the company laser-etches and serializes barcodes onto the bullets, which are then distributed in boxes. This barcode is uploaded onto a secure, blockchain database and when scanned, provides inventory volume, location and history.

The accompanying Bullet ID app has direct, secure and authenticated access to the supply chain database. This provides a seamless connection for the lifecycle of the ammunition that can save billions of dollars, tackle black market activity and empower the police to better handle firearm crimes.

"We set out to revolutionize ammunition tracking and inventory management. Today our technology can improve ammunition inventory control and provide increased intelligence for military and law enforcement," Bullet ID Founder and CEO Bruce Lewis said.

To learn more about Bullet ID, visit its website.

With the use of cutting-edge blockchain technology called BULLET ID, ammunition can be tracked, and the inventory can be managed down to the individual round. The company wants to transform the procedures for businesses, military, and law enforcement. The initial offering was announced by Bullet ID. We believe investigators no longer need the firearm, never left at the crime scene, to connect the fired cases to the shooter. Ideally, the technology will assist police in taking illegal guns and illicit ammunition off the street.

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