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EMAKE3D Launches Galaxy 1, the 17" Large-Scale SLA 3D Printer That Brings Big Ideas to Life

The team at EMAKE3D has a reputation for pushing the boundaries with innovative 3D printers and its latest product is no exception. Recognizing the lack of affordable large-scale 3D-printing solutions, the team members put their development efforts to task and created the Galaxy 1, a 17" large-scale SLA 3D printer that features the biggest printing volume of desktop SLA 3D printers on the market at 400x200x400mm. It's the perfect 3D-printing solution for anything from full-scale prototypes to smaller, detailed models. EMAKE3D Galaxy 1 is available now on Kickstarter:

The new Galaxy 1 hits the sweet spot between inexpensive compact desktop 3D printers and cost-prohibitive industrial large-format 3D printers. It gives makers the power to print highly accurate, intricate, large-scale parts in a fast and easy way. The large print-size doesn't sacrifice quality, delivering XY resolution of 25μm and layer thickness of 25-200μm. With precise layer registration and smooth surface finish, translucent materials print clearer than ever, right off the printer. With a 17" printing area and a build volume of 400x200x400 mm, its print area is four times larger than typical desktop 3D printers, setting users free from small-scale printing and giving them a device that can match the size of their creative ideas.

"At EMAKE3D, we believe that 3D printing represents the most transformative technology available for makers, creatives, and professionals. However, desktop 3D printing has limitations due to size restrictions and small build volumes that make modeling and prototyping in large formats difficult for casual users. That's why we created Galaxy 1, a highly accurate yet affordable 3D printer that breaks the boundaries of size limitations. Equipped with a 17" printing area and build volume of 400x200x400, Galaxy 1 is the most user-friendly large-scale 3D printer available today," said EMAKE3D CTO Xiaodong Song.

Galaxy 1 is packed with essential features that make using it easy for anyone from beginners to pros. It has a permanent leveling feature that eliminates the time-consuming process of pre-print setup and an ingenious swappable cartridge system that makes material-switching quick and clean, along with accurate temperature control thanks to its onboard thermostat system and heated print enclosure. Furthermore, to ensure successful prints every time, EMAKE3D equipped Galaxy 1 with a revolutionary Auto Resin Feeding system that automatically supplies more material when the resin gets too low during the printing process.

The Galaxy 1 by EMAKE3D instantly gives users the power and versatility of large-scale 3D printing right from their desktop. With a user-friendly interface, wide compatibility with virtually all slicer software, and advanced features for hassle-free operation, this revolutionary large-format printer gives consumers, makers, and businesses an advanced tool for creative ideas, prototyping, and production. Galaxy 1 is available now with special pricing and incentives for early adopters. To learn more, visit the Kickstarter campaign here:

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Original Source: EMAKE3D Launches Galaxy 1, the 17" Large-Scale SLA 3D Printer That Brings Big Ideas to Life
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