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Upstate New York Filmmakers Launch Streaming Network Focusing on the Afterlife, Consciousness and Self-Discovery

The Path 11 TV app can be downloaded on Android and iOS devices

The Path 11 TV app can be found on both smartphone devices and other TV devices such as Roku, Amazon Fire and Apple TV

Path 11 TV is a streaming service offering engaging content about healing, consciousness, and the study of life after death.

KINGSTON, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, June 4, 2021 / -- In the words of Mahatma Gandhi, “If you want to change the world, start with yourself.” Two upstate New York filmmakers have been on a quest to do just that—changing themselves through the personal exploration of consciousness and life-after-death studies. And now they want to bring the world along on their path through a new TV network focusing on self-discovery and spiritual awareness: Path 11 TV, which recently launched at

Since 2008, Michael Habernig and April Hannah have been investigating life’s big questions: Who are we? Why are we here? What is our purpose on earth? Habernig and Hannah both experienced traumatic life events that served as the impetus for three documentaries about the afterlife and consciousness. Those films, in turn, inspired them to start the Path 11 Podcast in 2015, and now, in a year that has so many people questioning the purpose of life during a global pandemic, they’re launching Path 11 TV.

“The launch of Path 11 TV in late 2020 couldn’t have been better planned by the higher intelligence we know is working with us on every Path 11 project,” Hannah says. “No one expected a global pandemic to impact the world in 2020, so it feels like the network’s content is more relevant now than ever. When people watch our network, we hope it’ll make life feel a little less confusing and scary for them.”

The network aims to deliver tools viewers can use to discover more about themselves. It offers meaningful, engaging content for those on the path of self-discovery, those seeking greater spiritual awareness, and those who feel lost after a traumatic event and hope to understand why certain things happen in life. Viewers will have unlimited access to an expansive library of material to help them advance their consciousness, evolve the quality of their being, and possibly eliminate their fear of dying.

“We chose the words educate, empower and enlighten to describe Path 11 TV because those words capture our journey,” Habernig states. “We first needed to become more educated on the topics of consciousness, healing and life after death. Once we began working with that information, we felt empowered to share what we had been learning through our films, our podcast and our new TV network. Somewhere along the 12-year journey, both April and I have had mini glimpses of what enlightenment might feel like. We are nowhere near enlightenment, but we both lost our fear of death, which to me feels very enlightening considering how much fear of death I had 12 years ago.”

To start, Path 11 TV will launch with more than 100 hours of exclusive footage for members, and new content will be added regularly. A monthly membership to the network is available for only $9.99—roughly the equivalent of one and a half cups of Starbucks coffee. And unlike the coffee, it won’t give viewers the jitters, but it is guaranteed to give them a spiritual high. In addition, a yearly network membership is available for only $99, giving viewers two months free compared to the monthly rate.

Along with a new website, Path 11 TV can be consumed in the Path 11 TV app. “You can stream wherever and whenever you want,” added Habernig. “It’s super easy to use, updated regularly and works on any device. Like most other video streaming sites, it was important that this be available to watch in your living room on your TV, or on the go, so you are not being tied down to your computer to stream this material. All of our videos and future live streams are available for your iPhone, Android, Roku, Amazon Fire and Apple TV, just checkout your device’s app store to download today,” Habernig concluded.

“Our customers are in the driver's seat with our mobile-friendly, streaming apps. We offer a variety of content to suit any taste for those spiritually curious, and we're constantly adding new shows, so you'll never run out of something to watch,” Hannah concludes. “We really believe it’ll educate, empower and enlighten them as they explore their consciousness and pursue their own spiritual path in life.”

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